Collective Bargaining Is No Bargain


The August 2008 edition of the Arkansas Municipal League’s City & Town magazine contained an opinion piece by Public Service Research Foundation President David Y. Denholm titled “Collective bargaining is no bargain.”

This article analyzes the problems with the “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act,” H.R. 980, which would use the power of the federal government to impose unionism and collective bargaining on state and local public safety – police, fire and rescue – departments in states that have not enacted laws granting public sector labor unions monopoly bargaining privileges.

“Collective bargaining is no bargain” examines the democratic government problems inherent in imposing collective bargaining on the employer-employee relationship in the public sector. It then deals with the specific provisions of the legislation being considered by Congress. 

Mr. Denholm describes the “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act” as an unconstitutional unfunded federal mandate.

The article is a condensation of remarks Mr. Denholm made in a presentation to the Tennessee Municipal League’s 2008 Annual Meeting.

Click here to view the article as it appeared in City & Town magazine.


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