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Say "NO!" to Employment Discrimination - Stop Obama's PLA's

The Government Neutrality In Contracting Act

Legislation has been introduced on both house of Congress to prohibit the use of union only project labor agreements on federally financed public works construction projects. This badly needed legislation - "The Government Neutrality in Contracting Act" - is H.R. 735 by Congressman John Sullivan of Oklahoma and S.119 by Senator David Vitter of Louisiana.

This legislation is urgently needed to prevent so-called "economic stimulus" spending from becoming "union membership stimulus" spending.

One of President Barack Obama's first acts in office was to rescind an Executive Order by President George W. Bush prohibiting union only project labor agreements on federal construction projects.

Project labor agreements (PLAs) are a cross between a bid rigging scheme and a protection racket. Under a PLA, no matter what nice language is included to try to convince you otherwise, only union labor can be employed. The injustice of this can be readily seen when you consider that, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010 only about 13 percent of American construction industry employment was union. PLAs discriminate against the vast majority of construction workers, workers whose taxes pay for the public works construction.

In return for this privilege the unions promise not to strike during the project. That's like the hoods who tell the owner of a candy store that if he pays them off they won't break his windows.

It is positively ridiculous! All the construction strikes, and there are very few of them, take place on union jobs. If the goal of the PLA was to avoid the costly delays of strikes, it would make more sense to say that employment on the job wasn't open to union members. The obvious injustice of that position shows just how morally and intellectually bankrupt PLAs are.

Please contact your Representatives in Congress to urge them to support this important legislation. Click here to find the contact information for your U.S. Senators and here for contact information for your U.S. House Member.

We have prepared a model letter for support of H.R. 735 and S. 119 that you may use. It is a MSWord document so you may alter it to suit yourself. We would be pleased to send it to you as an attachment to e-mail. Click here to request a copy of the letter.

When you check on your Senators' contact information, you will find that most of them use a "web form" for e-mail contacts. You can cut and paste from the letter we will provide you to easily use these web form contact pages.

Please let the the Public Service Research Council to let us know that you have taken action by sending us an Action Confirmation e-mail.

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While you are visiting our web site, please also take action to support legislation to repeal the wasteful, pro-union Davis-Bacon Act.

Updated April 8, 2011


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